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The Shelter Pet Project



Kolika Chatterjee


Cambridge, MA


Centre County PAWS

Why Brownie is so special:

So what if he snores and steals? He is quite the neighborhood charmer and he knows it (hears it often enough to know "cute" = him). Dogs make great listeners; my guy is a communicator. He brings me toys to cheer me up. Other dogs chase rabbits; Brownie loves his bunny sister and sometimes steals her hay. Not just a successful adoption, my son is our fundraiser mascot and is helping his friends find homes.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Mornings are a-frenzy, she is so hyper - the barking, the running, the wagging. But give her a long day at the park (she calls it the office), she returns all mellow. Once she sees me on the couch, she will snuggle right with me and just melt. They told me that adoption is difficult and that people can be scary and weird. But she caught on with the commands fast; she is good off-leash, and parks and beaches are a breeze with her. Some days I think she is still learning - the scared look when I fall sick, for instance. But most days, I think it was a good rescue. Saving this person felt good.

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